Our Specific Services for the Machinery Sector:

Welcome to MarketingLab, your trusted machinery agency. Through our exclusive partnership with MachineryScanner, we are able to offer innovative web marketing solutions tailored to your company’s specific needs in the machinery industry. With our team of experts and a wide range of specialized services, we help you stand out online and achieve your marketing goals in an effective and targeted way.

Lead Generation

At MarketingLab, we use targeted strategies to generate qualified leads interested in the machinery industry. With our experience and advanced techniques, we help you identify and reach potential customers who are genuinely interested in your products and services.

Spread the Word Service

We can be your press office. We create articles and disseminate news in major newspapers. In fact, through our portal and partners, we are able to get you in front of the right audience at the right time.


By choosing various types of offers, you will have the opportunity to have greater visibility in Italy, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Northern European countries.

We use a combination of targeted advertising, public relations and digital marketing to maximize your visibility in the machinery industry and make your company known to a wider audience.

Banner Ads

Indicated for greater visibility and subsequent inclusion on our partners’ platforms, or on MachineryScanner, the only review platform totally dedicated to the construction, agricultural and truck equipment industry.

Certification Services

In cooperation with MachineryScanner we offer a dedicated certification for companies in the industry, our “CERTIFIED DEALER” mark helps customers understand that there is a real company behind a name, logo and website.

Our Partnership with MachineryScanner:

We can offer top services for our customers in the machinery industry thanks to the cooperation with our partner: MACHINERYSCANNER
The collaboration with Machinery Scanner, stems from the need to help heavy equipment manufacturers and dealers gain an online reputation. A need that has been increasing dramatically in recent times due to the evolution of digital in this area.
Through our exclusive partnership with Machinery Scanner, we have access to valuable data and insights that enable us to further optimize our strategies and maximize your success in the machinery industry. Our partnership allows us to offer you innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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